How to Migrate to New Zealand From UAE

How to Migrate to New Zealand From UAE More and more skilled foreign individuals are considering migrating to New Zealand specially from UAE. New Zealand is popularly known for its natural beauty and its strong economy. Having strong economy means high employment rate in New Zealand. The country has been accepting more and more highly[…]

Migration to New Zealand From UAE

Migration to New Zealand From UAE In July this year, about 5700 migrants were welcomed into New Zealand. According to Herald Lee Suckling, New Zealanders should be grateful to migrants in their country and should welcome them with open arms. According to him, the economic and technological advancements brought about by the presence of expats in[…]

Why Migrate to New Zealand from UAE

Why Migrate to New Zealand from UAE There are a couple of reasons why many expats consider immigration to New Zealand as the topmost option when it comes to moving to greener pastures. Most expats migrate to New Zealand in search of jobs and better lifestyle. New Zealand tends to have this more than other[…]

New Zealand Student Visa

New Zealand Student Visa Permits and Visas Dubai Reviews constantly review changes in the immigration world to provide you only the most authentic information about your immigration plans. If you are looking for reliable immigration agents in Dubai, you can count on Visas and Work Permits. As one of the Best New Zealand immigration consultants[…]

New Zealand Basic Skilled Visa Requirements

New Zealand Basic Skilled Visa Requirements The New Zealand skilled migration plan allows migrants with relevant skills to migrate to New Zealand to fill up workforce shortages. Right now, New Zealand is experience a significant shortage in skilled workers in several industries. This makes now the best time to apply. There is really no need[…]

New Zealand Needs More Skilled Migrants

New Zealand Needs More Skilled Migrants The New Zealand first MP, Winston Peters has advised the government to cut Permanent Residence permits to 7,000 – 15,000 maximum. Ms Ranson sees this as ironic because there have been more Permanent residence approvals when the New Zealand MP was supporting the Labour government. Ms Ranson does not believe[…]

New Zealand Requires Skilled Migrants

New Zealand Requires Skilled Migrants June Ranson, the Chairman of the New Zealand Association for Migration and Investment had said that New Zealand requires more skilled worker in New Zealand if steady growth is to be maintained at the level at which it is growing. This was a statement made in response to the comments[…]

How to Reach Your Dream of Migrating to New Zealand

How to Reach Your Dream of Migrating to New Zealand As one of the most prominent New Zealand immigration consultants in Dubai, we have heard people tell us that they have not a single clue as to where to begin their emigration process. For many, migrating successfully to New Zealand will be a lifelong dream come true[…]

Get a Visa and Work In New Zealand

Get a Visa and Work In New Zealand While the idea of immigration to New Zealand may sound interesting, the chances are that you may not be able to make that dream a reality except you are able to find a job in New Zealand. It is therefore very important that you do the necessary[…]

FAQ About New Zealand Immigration Points

FAQ About New Zealand Immigration Points The process of migrating to New Zealand can be pretty overwhelming. As one of the forefront New Zealand immigration agents in Dubai, in our many years of dealing with clients, we have found out that many get confused about the New Zealand immigration points system. We hope to simply[…]