New Zealand Residence Visa from India

New Zealand Permanent Residents are a citizen of New Zealand, who have a permanent resident visa. Every year a lot of Indian students, skilled worker, and families migrate to New Zealand. New Zealand is a wonderful country and place to work and live in. As an immigrant, you will be amazed to see the infrastructure,[…]

Skilled Migrant Resident Visa – New Zealand

‘Skilled Migrant Visa’ is the most popular visa type for the immigrants. New Zealand grants the resident visa to candidates who have skills that are needed in New Zealand, that are able to make use or transfer these skills, and that will successfully settle and contribute to the country With the submission of an Expression[…]

How to Get A New Zealand Skilled Migrant Visa

How to Get A New Zealand Skilled Migrant Visa New Zealand, one of the best countries in the world and one rated to be the world’s most economical, social and politically stable country, has become a destination for migrants who are hunting for a better life and an improved condition of living. New Zealand is currently[…]

How to Apply Under New Zealand Skilled Migrant Category

How to Apply Under New Zealand Skilled Migrant Category The New Zealand Skilled Migrant Category is a points-based New Zealand resident visa program designed for skilled workers and professionals who may wish to migrate, work and live on a permanent basis in New Zealand. All who intend to apply under this visa category must first[…]

Employment Opportunities in New Zealand

Employment Opportunities in New Zealand Before making the decision to move to New Zealand, first question that comes in to your mind is the job opportunities you can get from the country and if your skills qualify for immigration. If you are curious on whether you will get a New Zealand Visa and land a job[…]