Canadian Express Entry for Skilled Workers


Canadian Express Entry for Skilled Workers

The basis for selection of successful applications for the Canadian immigration for Permanent Residency by the Canadian Immigration Authority is the capability of the individual to settle successfully in Canada and help towards making the Economy better. Some of the main factors considered in the process include:

  • Academic Background of Applicant
  • Professional Experience
  • Language Skills in English and/or French

The Express Entry Visa policy ensures that only applicants with skilled work experience are considered first. Processing time for these applications, understand standard conditions, are not more than 6 months.


Skilled Immigration Canada – Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSW):

All applications submitted under the Government of Canada Immigration Authority Federal Skilled Worker Program are considered on the basis of the ability of the applicant to thrive economically in Canada. Academic background, Language Skills and Work Experience related to the skill types are assessed.

The Skill types for Canadian immigration are split into the groups listed below:

  • Skill Type 0 – Management Jobs
  • Skill Type A – Professionals (Jobs needing a University Degree)
  • Skill Type B – Technical Skills ( Jobs needing college diplomas)
  • Skill Type C – Intermediate Jobs (Jobs needing high school certificate or on-the-job training)
  • Skill Type D – Labor Jobs (with on the Job Trainings)

Skilled Immigration Canada – Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTC):

The Federal Skilled Trades Program offers applicants who have ability to prosper in Canadian economy visas. Those who qualify for this program are given the freedom to take up job offers and are allowed to work in any field of occupation in order to secure a Permanent Residency in Canada or in any other Province apart from Quebec.

Applicants applying under this category should have at least 2 job offers from employers in Canada and must have worked at least 1 year in Canada before. Such should also be proficient in English Language.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP):

Provinces in Canada are allowed to nominate candidates that have qualifications and skills that are needed in their provinces. This is why the Provincial Nominee Programs were formed. Participating provinces have already agreed with the CIC to allow candidates who meet their selection criteria to migrate to their respective provinces. Every province has its own set of nomination criteria that are designed to meet its needs.

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