Canada’s Dominating Hottest Job Markets


Canada’s Dominating Hottest Job Markets

If you are looking towards being a part of the hottest job markets in Canada, settling in British Columbia may be the best option for you. Based on an Annual survey carried out by Express Employment professionals, three of the five hottest job cities were from the west coast of Canada. British Columbia has the lower unemployment rate in Canada at 5.6%, a proof to show how the region has been able to create jobs and maintain and even increase in rankings.

The survey was however not so much in favor of Alberta, which is a close neighbor to British Columbia. Wood Buffalo, a city in Alberta which was once one of the hottest job markets, now ranks no 19 in the nation, according to survey. So before getting deep into your immigration process for Canada, it is essential you know exactly where the hottest job markets are so that you can plan to settle in those places.

  1. Vancouver, B.C.

Population – 603,502

Available jobs per thousand – 6.46

Overall Rank – 8

Although Vancouver ranked 8th in the survey, the city witnessed a rise in job creation in recent times. According to the survey, Vacouver is getting boosts from the suburbs like North Vancouver which has a population of 48,000 and is listed as the No 1 Job Market, having 10.42 jobs per 1000 people.

  1. Surrey B.C.

Population – 468, 251

Available jobs per thousand – 5.59

Overall Rank – 1

Surrey is ranked No 2 for Canada Biggest Cities. Although it ranks 16th, it still witnessed gains in job creation. The city moved from 4.80 jobs per thousand and jumped 4 steps in the overall ranking. The hottest jobs were for cooks who accounted for 1,300 job openings.

  1. Burnaby B.C

Population – 223, 218

Available jobs per thousand – 4.52

Overall Rank – 25

Burnaby is found in the eastern parts of Vancouver and it comes third in the league of Canada big cities. It has modest gains of 4.27 jobs per thousand and is ranked 28th in the overall 2015 ranking. Burnaby is home to a number of tech companies including Electronic Arts.

  1. Mississauga, Ont.

Population – 713, 443

Available jobs per thousand – 3.85

Overall Rank – 32

The city sits on the outskirts of Toronto proper and enjoys the benefits of being close to the biggest city in Canada which helps to bring in business. Ontario’s job opportunities are majorly from the retail sector, accounting for about 2,000 openings for new salespersons. Mississauga however tumbled from the 10th position with 6.08 jobs per thousand to 3.85 jobs per thousand.

  1. Edmonton, Alberta

Population – 812, 201

Available jobs per thousand – 3.84

Overall Rank – 33

Edmonton also tumbled lower in the ratings but still managed to stay ahead of many major Canadian urban centers. Edmonton is the second most populated city among the top 50 cities, following after Montreal. Food service supervisors accounted for Alberta’s most jobs with over 1000 new openings.


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