Canada Provincial Nominee Program Visa

Canada Provincial Nominee Program Visa

Most of the provinces of Canada can nominate a skilled foreign immigrant under the Provincial Nominee Program or the PNP. These qualified immigrants must be skilled, with educational attainment and experience to be able to contribute to the province’s economy.

Each province or territory has its own immigration programs which target specific occupational groups and professions. A territory or province may target students, skilled workers or businessmen.

This progam is under the Express Entry system which will base the assessment of application on points system.

What are the Benefits of having a Provincial Nominee Program Visa

  • You will have Accelerated immigration process to become a permanent residence the country
  • Your family can live, work and study in the nominated provincesame as you
  • You will have minimal government regulations in starting your own business
  • You will haveĀ Free medical healthcare and free education forĀ dependents
  • You can sponsor other family members for permanent residency
  • You can apply for Canadian citizenship


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