Canada Plans to Increase Immigration in Canada

Canada Plans to Increase Immigration in Canada

Canada Plans to Increase Immigration in Canada

The Minister of Canada is planning to increase the Immigration in Canada from its current number to boost the economy by filling up the labour market. Canada will be opening more offices to cater Chinese citizens who are applying to migrate to the country. Canada is attracting more and more highly skilled professionals. The country is looking to welcome 280,000 and more than 300,000 new permanent residence visa holders as increase to the previous number of accepted skilled workers.


Visas and Work Permits Immigration Consultants are well knowledgeable and up-to-date with the Canadian Immigration new policies and rules when it comes to requirements, qualification and application. Canada is requiring more and more skilled workers and Canada plans to increase the immigration in the country more to help fill the gap in the labour market which affects the country’s growing economy.

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