Canada is Open for Start-up Entrepreneurs

Canada is Open for Start-up EntrepreneursCanada is Open for Start-up Entrepreneurs

Are you an entrepreneur who is contemplating Dubai Canada immigration? It might interest you to know that Canada Immigration and Citizenship Canada has a Start-Up visa for entrepreneurs who have prior experience in the private sector and is very proficient with business start-ups. This visa is the first of its kind in the world, granting flexibility for all who are qualified to come into Canada to start-up a business.

Any candidate who qualified for the Start-Up visa is free to migrate to Canada with a Permanent Residence permit and no conditions attached.

There are a couple of reasons why it is a viable option to start-up a business in Canada. Some of the reasons are listed below:

Strong Economy

According to Forbes Magazine, Canada is rated one of the best countries in the G-20 countries where one can startup a business. With a very strong fiscal position among the G-7 and one of the best fiscal projects in the G-20, Canada is definitely not a wrong option when it comes to doing business.

Low Taxes and Business Costs

Canada offers anyone willing to do business very low tax and low cost environment and these are important to entrepreneurs. The overall tax rate for startups in Canada is much lower than what obtains in most of the G-7 countries. KPMG had rated Canada as the most tax competitive nation among the G-7 countries.

Excellence in Research and Innovation

Canada offers everyone a winning environment for innovation and research. It has one of the best Research and Development infrastructure and facilities in the world, with enough scientific talent and incentives for innovation. The government even gives back up to 30% of incurred costs on Research and Development to the entrepreneurs.

Top Quality of Life

The quality of life in Canada is highly admirable and this is essential to success of families, individuals as well as companies. Going by World Bank statistics, Canadians tend to enjoy the highest standard of living among the G-20.

How Do I Qualify?

Before you can qualify for this visa, you have enough funding for the business you intend to start up. The best place to start is to know how eligible you are for this visa and that can be done by consulting with Canada immigration consultants in UAE. Visa consultants in Dubai can help you run an assessment on your profile to come up with a rough idea of how eligible you are for the visa you are applying for. This way, you will have an idea of what you are dabbling into, or decide to find another visa option.


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