Canada is Looking for Food Industry Professionals

Canada is Looking for Food Industry Professionals

Canada is Looking for Food Industry Professionals

“The new economic immigration selection system in Canada has stayed tor to its “just-in-time” billing by processing almost all applications from beginning to end within the targeted 6 months”, as reported by the Toronto Star earlier in the week.

“About 31,000 invitations to apply for permanent residence has been given out to different classes of highly skilled immigrants out of which about 10,000 has already landed in Canada as permanent residents.”

“The findings carried out revealed that the top 10 occupations list was occupied by professors and that many international students fared well in the Express Entry program.”

Also, about 2,356 applicants in the “food service supervisors” category were called to apply for visas last year. Just about the same figure were cooks, forming about 2,295 applications that were processed. In all, cooks and food service supervisors accounted for about 16% of those who were given permanent resident permits in Canada. So if you are a food service supervisor, a chef or a cook and you are considering the best route for migration to Canada from Dubai, you probably will find it easier through the Express entry program since your skill is in high demand right now in Canada as revealed on the top 10 occupations list.

What are the Chances of Getting into Canada?

As of now, food service supervisors and cooks seems to be the best job category under the Express Entry System for which Immigration to Canada from UAE can be easier. These jobs account for about 8% of 31,000 invitations given by the Immigration Body of Canada. IT professionals, university lecturers and other retail careers remained strong in competition in the top 10 occupations in Canada.

Below is the top 10 occupations list.

8% – 2,256 were food service supervisors

8% – 2,295 were cooks

4% – 1,255 were IT analysts

3% – 940 were software engineers

3% – 935 were computer programmers and interactive media developers

3% – 745 were university professors and lecturers

2% – 669 were retail sales supervisors

2% – 550 were graphic designers and illustrators

2% – 494 were financial auditors and accountants

2% – 446 were financial system investment analysts.


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