Canada Immigrants May Have Easier Pathway to Permanent Residence


Canada Immigrants May Have Easier Pathway to Permanent Residence

If you have been looking for how to apply for Canadian immigration from Dubai lately, this should give you relief. According to the Minister of Immigration, John McCallum, Canada may soon be allowing much easier pathways to permanent residence for temporary foreign skilled workers. This was said on Sunday on the National TV. The details of the modifications to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program, TFWP, are expected to be released in the coming weeks along with a preliminary report on the matters to be introduced.

The TFWP, makes it easier for employers in Canada to recruit workers internationally to fill up for labour shortages in their organizations on a temporary basis; sometimes, in low-skilled positions. Many of these workers’ only route, before now, to becoming permanent residents have been described as too difficult or even impossible.

“The government is critically considering making available alternative pathways to permanent residence,” said the Minister, when asked concerning what might be done to provide easier pathways for foreign workers.

“We are of the opinion that those who come, generally, should have optional pathways to permanent residence, and more so, it is the case today. If such workers are on their pathway to permanent residence, they will only be temporary residents for a while, before they become full Canadians,” he added, making it clear that there will be a pathway to permanent residence.

An overhaul of the TFWP was carried out in June, 2014, and that’s when the process of recruitment of foreign workers became onerous for most employers that it was before. Ever since that time, many foreign workers have had to exit Canada since their long term residence prospects have been limited to significantly.


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