Canada Highly Skilled Migrants Visa Application


Canada Highly Skilled Migrants Visa Application

The aim of the Canadian Federal Skilled Program is to attract skilled migrants with high employ-ability and experience in Canada. Any candidate who successfully submits an application and qualifies can live and work in Canada as a permanent resident.

The Canada Federal Skilled Visa is a point based selection system. These points are based on factors such as age, education , work experience, adaptability and language proficiency. Each applicant that will be eligible much have at least 67 points in the system.

A maximum of 5,000 Federal Skilled Worker applications are going to be considered. Now, these limits do not apply to applications that come with an offer of employment in Canada from a Canadian employer. If you want to know more about this, you can contact recruitment agencies in Abu Dhabi for Canada for more information.

Why Canada is Right for You

Canada is about right for anyone who loves a high standard of living, a well-developed educational system, a solid National Health Care system and a lovely scenery that takes one closer to nature. So Canada is right for you and your family and anyone. Right now, Canada is experiencing serious skill shortages in key professions such as engineers, nurses and doctors. As a matter of statistics, it is believed that there will be a shortfall of 3 million skilled labour in Canada by the wake of 2020. This makes now the best time to wake your Canada Dubai dream up.


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