Canada Continues To Welcome Skilled Immigrants this Year

Canada Continues To Welcome Skilled Immigrants this Year

Canada Continues To Welcome Skilled Immigrants this Year

Canada has made plans to welcome a record number of immigrants in the year 2016. With plans on ground to accommodate and provide for up to 300,000 immigrants, there is no better time to make plans to migrate to Canada. This number represents the highest number of migrants accepted by Canada in a single year in the last 10 years of the history of immigration numbers in Canada.

Since 1990, Canada’s immigration has been on a consistent increase and each year, the country seems to welcome more and more foreigners into its borders. From statistics, in 1913, 400,000 migrants made their way into Canada and that is the highest so far. Since then, the highest recorded was in 2010 when about 280,000 migrants were accepted.

Before the 1st World War, the government of Canada ran a campaign to populate the West Coast part of Canada and a record number of 1.1 million people were moved into those coastal Canadian parts.

With the influx of immigrants, Canada is thriving economically, socially and culturally. Its massive annual immigration plans shows how much Canada embraces foreign nationals. These plans welcome all kinds of people including refugees, family class immigrants and more importantly, skilled immigrants who are actually the people that help uphold the economy.


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