Best Jobs in Canada for Migration

best-jobs-in-canada-for-migrationBest Jobs in Canada for Migration

It is one thing to get into Canada, it is another to get the ideal job and this is no easy deal, contrary to what many people think. Finding a good job is not just about the pay, a lot more goes into consideration. Due to the properly run Canadian economy which is friendly to immigrants and relatively politically stable, any immigrant can however be assured of finding the ideal job.

There are jobs in construction, public administration, healthcare, telecommunications, 4011 university professors and lecturers, trade and law, just to mention a few. However, it is no lie that for anyone to access these jobs, such must have advanced education or serious skills and training in the job being applied for. Below are the 5 best jobs in Canada based on the pay, qualification, job securities and employment prospects.

  1. Economic Development Director

Whoever seeks to hold this position must be a leader. This position has experienced a salary growth of over 10% between 2009 and 2015. Right now, an Economic Development Director earns about $105,144. This position however requires  a sound Bachelors in Economics, Public Administration or Business Administration. A few years’ experience is required for swift growth and having a master’s degree makes for distinction. There are about 1.15 jobs to every job seeker; this means there is a fair amount of opportunities for the qualified. The job description includes collection of data on government policies’ impact on taxation, agriculture and labour markets in specific regions.

  1. Petroleum and Chemical Engineer

Candidates who will qualify for this position are saddled with the responsibility of conducting research on exploitation and exploration of oil and gas deposits. Chemical engineers earn about $104,998. A salary growth of about 16% has been seen in the past 6 years. Though a challenging job, it is also a very lucrative one. Chemical engineers are also responsible for overseeing the biochemical processes used in transforming raw materials into products. Presently, there are about 400 jobs available in this industry and this figure is expected to increase over the next years.

  1. Telecommunications Manager

Anyone who has a university degree in Science and/or electrical engineering or related field with relevant experience in a supervisory role can take up this job. Experienced Telecoms Managers earn in the bracket of $110,000 and $84,448. Telecoms Managers are expected to have a vast knowledge of operations, maintenance of telecommunication equipment. Although things are currently rough for the telecoms industry and this has hampered on how many jobs are available, this is not expected to last long as new services focused on wireless capabilities and high speed internet are in focus and will need new experts.

  1. Lawyer

This is not only limited to attorneys who appear in courts, it includes students who may be working currently on articles. Law is recognized for its many required years at school and in Canada, there is no exception. A lawyer is expected to have a bachelor’s degree and must have passed the Law School Admission Tests. After completion of law school, such needs to pass the bar in the province where he or she intends to practice.

Although the wages of lawyers have not really growth in recent times, a practicing lawyer in Canada still earns in the median of $88,000 and this is not a bad pay at all.

  1. Health and Community Services Manager

An HCS Manager is expected to direct and administer development of healthcare as well as social services. This is a government based position and is designed to help improve the social welfare of individuals as well as communities.

This position comes with a salary of about $104,541`. However since this job is a public sector based position, those who work in larger or more urban areas will have more responsibilities and also, more pay.

Jobs in this area are expected to skyrocket by 2022 because of the number of older managers who are holding managerial positions in social work, community and correctional services are expected to retire. This position requires a basic bachelor’s degree or diploma in a related field.

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