Benefits of Hiring an Immigration Consultant

Benefits of Hiring an Immigration Consultant

Benefits of Hiring an Immigration Consultant

If you have decided its time for you to immigrate to Canada, the first thing on your list should be getting the appropriate visa. You can either do this yourself but just like you might know, this could be time consuming. The alternative to that is to hire Canadian immigration consultants in UAE to help you with the whole process. An immigration consultant is an expert and has the know-how as per the Canadian visa processes. He or she has the appropriate training and knows the requirements that are needed to submit a successful application. He or she will therefore be able to guide you through the process. Yes, you will be charged consultation fees and this varies with different Immigration consultants; but in the end, it will be well worth it. Why?

  1. You get to Save Time and Money

If you are smart enough to use one of the best Canadian immigration consultants in Dubai, then you don’t have issues. Apart from getting an expert guide through the process, you can be sure that their experience will count for you. This will save you time since your application will be accepted and processed faster. Also, you get to save money because you won’t have to re-file applications multiple times or spend money appealing for reconsideration.

  1. Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants are Educated and Informed

Ever since 2004, Immigration consultants have been authorized and accredited for the purposes of helping prospective Canadian immigration. An accredited consultant is in a better position to help you than one who is not since he or she will have access to important information concerning immigration laws in Canada as well as procedures that concerns immigration and citizenship in Canada. All accredited immigration consultants enjoy flow of information and developments in the immigration field.

  1. Canadian Immigration Consultants are Insured

All accredited Immigration consultants are required to obtain omission and errors insurance which protects clients against unintended action that could cause financial damage. This insurance is for the protection of the consumer and the consultant since anyone could make mistakes. Any client who feels that the consultant did not act in his/her best interest is allowed to file for damage or making complaints to ICCRC who will step in to settle the dispute accordingly.

  1. Canadian Immigration Consultants are Required to adhere to Stringent professional and ethical guidelines

All accredited immigration consultants must follow a stipulated Code of Ethical Conduct guiding the practice. Any who breaches these codes is penalized accordingly.

  1. Should you Hire an Immigration Consultant

This is absolutely dependent on you. If you know you can’t go through the stress of filing an application or you are not conversant with immigration procedures, you definitely need one. While most people who apply themselves often have to re-apply, those who use immigration consultants mostly get their application approved the first time.

So if you have decided to hire an immigration consultant, you should consider doing enough research as per which to choose. Ask for recommendations from friends or search the internet for more information.  There are immigration consultants in Abu Dhabi and there are Canadian immigration consultants in Sharjah, even in most major cities of the UAE. You however are not advised to just call any up without proper investigation.


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