What is an Australian Skilled Migration Visa

What is an Australian Skilled Migration Visa

What is an Australian Skilled Migration Visa

Are you interested in migrating to Australia from Dubai? It is important you arm yourself with information about Australian migration processes so that you can be successful in your visa application. There are basically 3 stages in the process of applying as a skilled migrant to Australia. No that those who must migrate to Australia from Dubai via the Skilled Migrant Category must have skills and experience that is relevant in the Australian Economy.

Firstly, your skill needs to be on the Skills Shortage List

If you have got skill, then Australia needs YOU. There Australian government has issued out a Skill Occupation List and every applicant under the skilled migrant category must have their skill listed there. If you are getting confused already about this, give us a call at Visas and Work Permits, one of the best Australian immigration lawyers from Dubai and we will furnish you with all the information you need about this.

Secondly, you need to gather enough points in the Points Assessment tests.

Points are accrued from factors such as age, English language proficiency; work experience and some other factors which can give other points such as if you have a close relative in Australia or have studied in Australia before. Those who get to have state sponsorship also get extra skills.

An Application will then be lodged on your behalf for Skills Assessment

Your skills will be assessed based on your post-secondary education plus your work experience so far. Every occupation on the Skills Occupation List are subject to the assessment of relevant Australian Assessment Authorities. Once the Skill Assessment is positive, an applicant can move on to the next stage, hoping to access in no time, some of the job opportunities that abound in Australia.

After your qualification for immigration has been confirmed as positive, an Expression of Interest will be logged for you.

All applicants who are qualified for the skilled migration visa are expected to first lodge an Expression of Interest before they are invited for visa application. This is a pool where all qualified applicants are placed. The duration of stay in this pool can range between 4 to 18 months. However, we will be doing the hard work of updating you throughout the whole process.


Visas and Work Permits are specialist Australian immigration consultants in Dubai with vast experience on Australian visa procedures. Take our free online visa assessment and let’s see whether you are eligible for the Skilled Migrant visa.


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