Apply for Skilled Independent Visa for Australia


Apply for Skilled Independent Visa for Australia

Applicants who are successful under this category visa will be given an Australian Permanent Residency. Minimum required points is 60. Applicant must be able to meet the┬áDepartment of Immigration and Border Protection’s requirements that is based on your age, English language, occupation, health and character requirements. There are currently no conditions for this type of visa.

The Australian points based system is for permanent visa and is given to Skilled Workers who are not sponsored by any employer from Australia, the government or the family in Australia. Once given a permanent residency, you will be able to work and live in Australia. Your family members can also be included in the application if desired.

You must be able to pass the characteristics required by the Labour market of Australia to be able to be offered an Australian Skilled Independent Visa by the Australian Immigration.


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