Apply For 457 Visa and Migrate to Australia

Apply For 457 Visa

Apply For 457 Visa and Migrate to Australia

The Australian 457 visa is the Australia’s Temporary Skilled Visa subclass and is designed to help Australian employers recruit and migrate foreign prospective employees into Australia by way of sponsorship. The foreign national who is successful under the visa category will be allowed to enter Australia on a temporary basis only, to work for 4 years in the Australian work space.

The holders of the Australia’s 457 visa can:

  • Work for up to 4 years with the visa
  • Bring in their family to Australia as well as their spouse who will also be allowed to work in Australia.
  • Move freely within Australia and without Australia

Who can Sponsor you for a 457 Visa?

You can be sponsored by any approved business in Australia, a business that has not been able to find a suitable employee within the Australian job market to fill the position for which the foreigner is coming in to fill. The Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) approval is a mandatory document for this to happen.

Every year, a Skilled Occupation List is released by the Australia Immigration. This list contains positions or jobs that need skilled individuals from outside Australia. All applicants who must apply must apply after selecting one of the jobs on the SOL that matches their qualification and educational background. Once an applicant has found a job offer, he or she is free to apply to the Australian Immigration for a visa.

The Australia Immigration uses a point based system which is transparent. All who manages to enter Australia eventually become permanent residents, as long as they keep a good conduct.

The benefits of owning an Australia visa is much but entry into Australia is no easy run. This is why you need reputable Australia immigration lawyers in Dubai who are vast in the immigration law and will help you through the process. How to apply for Australian immigration from Dubai is usually not the problem, it is more of who is guiding you through the application process because you truly will need help. There are Australian visitor visa requirements from Dubai that you must meet; else your visa will be rejected.

You are welcome to fill up our Australia immigration Dubai free visa assessment form and one of our Australian visa Dubai agents will get back to you to discuss your visa application.


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