Application for Federal Skilled Workers for Canada


Application for Federal Skilled Workers for Canada

Application for the Federal Skilled Worker category is one of the options to get a Canadian Permanent Residency. Your application will be processed by a points based system which is called the Express Entry and once qualified, you will be able to work, live and study in anywhere in Canada as a skilled worker. The process will be based on your qualification like your occupation, your experiences, your education, your age, your health and many more factors.

This particular category will allow visa holders to work and live in the country as well as study. You will have the access to benefits like the healthcare and education which is subsidized. This is made particularly to skilled workers and expected to contribute to the growing large economy of Canada and fill the gap in the labour market.

You will have the chance to acquire job in Canada easily by being assessed through the shortage occupation list of the country. You will not be needing any employer sponsor to be able to be granted a work permit. You just have to hit the required assessment points by the Canada Immigration.


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