Application for Canadian Skilled Visa


Application for Canadian Skilled Visa

Canadian immigration’s one important priority is to welcome qualified skilled workers from all over the world to contribute to its strong and growing economy. Individuals who qualify as skilled workers in Canada can work and live in the country permanently and help strengthen the country’s workforce.

To be a successful in the Skilled Worker Application for permanent immigration, applicant must be able to pass the assessment of the Canadian Immigration officers. There are a number of options a skilled worker can take to get a Canadian permanent residence. You can apply for Federal Skilled Worker program or through Provincial Nominee Program. We encourage individuals to explore their chances of getting a Canadian Visa through Visas and Work PermitsĀ Free Visa Assessment with our Immigration and Visa Experts in Dubai.

Options are as follows:

  • Federal Skilled Worker: This is for skilled individuals who have relevant work experiences and qualified to reside in any place in Canada.
  • Provincial Nominee Program: Canada’s provinces and territories have their own skilled worker immigration program to those who want to migrate to Canada. It is considered as one of the fast-track immigration programs. This allows applicants to migrate to Canada quickly.


There are a number of Canadian employers who are looking to hire foreign skilled workers from abroad and work as quickly as possible in their company. If you are interested in checking the available immigration program or Canadian Skilled Visa and see if you are eligible to apply for permanent residence visa, contact Visas and Work Permits today and we will assist you and check the options and opportunities availableĀ based on your qualifications.


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