Application for Australia Skilled Migration Visa


Application for Australia Skilled Migration Visa

Subclass 189 Visa

The Australian Skilled Migration Independent, Subclass 189, Visa is a Permanent Residency (PR) visa that allows migrants with excellent skills to migrate permanently to Australia to live and to work. The Subclass 189 visa is one of the many options available for immigration to Australia and just like others, it has its own Australian immigration requirements which much be satisfied.

Applicants are expected to have relevant skills and work experience in one of the occupations listed in the Skilled Occupation List. Apart from this, such must score at least 60 points on the point based system and must be fluent in English language. Applicants from US, Canada, UK and Ireland are believed to be already proficient in English language and are therefore exempted from the English Language Test.

Why Move to Australia?

  • Currently, there is an urgent need for skilled workers in Australia. As of now, about 150,000 jobs are advertised on a weekly basis.
  • Unemployment rates are as low as it can be, standing at 3.5 – 5%
  • There are plenty of full time permanent jobs available and salaries are paid to match the work experience.
  • The quality of life in Australia has been proven to consistently outperform what obtains in UK and Ireland, following from Mercer, the world’s largest human resources consulting firm.

In order to be eligible for the Australian Highly Skilled Visa, applicants must:

  • Satisfy the basic requirements for health, character, age, qualifications, work experience, skills and nominated occupation.
  • Pass the points test to have up to 60 points
  • Nominate a skilled occupation from the ones listed on the Skilled Occupation List.


This visa gives the eligibility to beneficiaries to migrate to Australia to fill the shortages in the Australian workforce. The visa allows you to live and take up Australia jobs indefinitely since it is a multiple entry visa. After 5 years after the visa was issued, if you wish to leave to re-enter, you can apply for citizenship. If you think you are not eligible for citizenship, you can contact Visas and work permits, one of the best Australian immigration lawyers in Dubai, to help you out with eligibility issues.

If you need professional visa services, Visas and work permits are among the best Australian immigration consultants in Dubai and can guarantee you expedited process and high success rates.

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