About Australian Citizenship

About Australian CitizenshipAbout Australian Citizenship

Are you a New Zealand citizen who is hoping to migrate to Australia? Were you in Australia on the 19th of February 2016? If you are, then you can go ahead and celebrate and when you are back from celebrating, you can continue reading this!

Do you know that there is now an easy pathway to Australia Citizenship through a new Permanent Residence Visa for New Zealanders?

Yes, there is and the requirements are listed below in a nutshell:

  1. The application starts on the 1st of July 2017
  2. For you to nab this, you must have arrived in Australia after 26th of February 2001 and on or before 19th February 2016 – If you were not in Australia on the day, you must be able to prove that you were normally resident in Australia.
  3. You must have lived in Australia for at least 5 years before applying for this visa
  4. You must have earned at least a minimum income required for the Temporary Skilled Migration which is $53,900; unless exempt.
  5. You must pay the application fee for the visa

With all these requirements met, Citizenship is guaranteed just after 1 year. This is an excellent opportunity for those who have been in Australia for a while.

Just in case you are not in Australia and you have heard about the job opportunities in Australia and are confused about the Australia immigration process, Visas and Work permits can help you with answers to your questions. You too can migrate to Australia from Dubai if you are interested. Migrating to Australia from Dubai is not very hard for those who have relevant skills.


Visas and Work Permits are run by experts in Australian immigration in Dubai who have vast knowledge of how the Australia immigration system works. You can trust us to lead you on the right path to successfully migrating to Australia.


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