3 Tips to Avoid Delays in New Zealand Visa Processing


3 Tips to Avoid Delays in New Zealand Visa Processing

Are you planning migration to New Zealand from UAE? It is normal to want to know how long it will take to finally have your visa. Visas and Work Permits, as one of the best New Zealand immigration consultants in Dubai, we know that the New Zealand visa application processing is the last part of the long haul of application process. There are definitely other things that precede visa application.

Usually, visit and student visas require about 20 days processing while work visas takes about 23 days. Resident visas however takes much more time with the most popular categories, such as the Skilled Migrant Category and Partnership categories taking up about 4-6 months processing times.

For those who have submitted their visa application and have provided proof of their experiences. The processing times also vary. For instance, a partnership application may take less than a month with one while it may take up to 6 months with another. The same applies for the Skilled Migrant Category which sees some application processed in two months while some may take up to 12 months to be processed. For temporary applications, there is little or no variation with most of them processed within 4-5 weeks.

However, as experienced consultants on migration to New Zealand from UAE matters, there are a few tips we can recommend that can help speed up your immigration to New Zealand visa application process.

  1. Prepare: This means you need to gather all the required information and documents before you commence your application. This will help you to stay ordered rather than starting your application and realizing there is still one missing document. That has a way of destabilizing you already.
  2. Include all required documents: You must supply all supporting documentation as long as it is required. At times, they may not even ask but adding every document shows that you have more than enough proof that you are eligible for the visa. This can help speed up the processing times.
  3. Choose the Right Visa: This may be hard if you don’t have proper advice. This is why you need the help of immigration consultants. Knowing and choosing the right visa sets you ahead already. Those who apply for the wrong visa are already stuck before they start.

There are many job opportunities in New Zealand for all who can manage to get their visa.


Visas and Work permits understands all the immigration procedures and rules that guide visa application and processing for New Zealand. We are also experts in migration to Canada from UAE. Why don’t you fill up our free visa assessment form? One of our agents will get back to you to discuss your New Zealand visa application and answer all your questions.

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